My Wonderful Grandparents

November 2020, Is when I caught Corona & around that time I was staying with my mother Sheila. So when I caught Corona, my mother removed me from her home, I called my Grandparents Richard & Christine to see if I can come over but my Grandmother Christine had Corona at the time & getting over it at the same time.

So with that being said, I was being transported to the hospital to get treated for the virus. They kept me in the hospital for about a month because Corona was eating my body up & making me very weak so they were telling my Grandparents ‘’I’m not going to make it cause how the virus had me & because I’m not doing so good & the virus had control of me.’’

December 2020, Is when I got out the hospital & I went to go stay with my ex boyfriend because I thought he was gonna help me out with everything so I stayed with him & his mother & family for a good month. On Christmas I spent time with my Grandparents, Opened Gift, Eating Dinner, until it was time for me to go back ‘’Home.’’

My ex was controlling my life & I let him get in the way of my schooling & working. So with that being said I called my grandparents to tell them I’m ready to get out of his house because I felt like I was being attacked which I was I just didn’t see that until I moved out of there.

January 2021, Is when I moved back In with my grandparents because I was staying with my ex for a month& I couldn’t do it no more. So to make it long story short, I’ve been staying with my grandparents for 5 months now.

Ever since I moved with my grandparents, They helped me get back on the right because way before I moved back in, I was down down bad & wasn’t keeping myself together because I let my ex get into the way & stop me from doing what I needed to do shake my head.

February 2021, when school started back, my sweet wonderful grandparents started taking me to school & now since we have our little family, we eat together, say prayers everyday while we eat breakfast, lunch & dinner, while we out & while we are out we laugh & joke about people.

So with that being said since school & now that I got my grandparents, my life has changed completely & did a whole 360 because If It wasn’t for my grandparents I don’t know where I would be at today If It was’t for my wonderful grandparents.